[Halal] Stemony Premium Detox 12g/30 sachet/Box 要健康, 先排毒!

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Brand: Stemony
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[Halal] Stemony Premium Detox 12g/30 sachet/Box 要健康, 先排毒!

[Product Name] : Enzyme
[Brand] : Stemony
[Manufactured Country] : Korea
[Serving Size] : 12g/1 Sachet
[Shelf Life] : 24 Months
[Product Ingredient] : Enzyme, Probiotic, Triple Stemcell, Natural Fruit Essence
[Storage Method] : Store below 30°C keep in cool and dry place
[Suuitable Age] : Avoid from direct sunlight ecposure suitable for all aged from 12 and above
[Easy Way To Brew] :
1. Pour a sachet of 12g Stemony into a glass
2. Add 20ml - 250ml of room tempurature or cold water. May adjust the water volume according to personal taste and preference
3. Shake well / stir until dissolved and consume immediately
4. Does not cause colic and diarrhea

WHO NEEDS STEMONY? Premium Detoxification and Beauty Brand
- Individual that has excess fat
- Individual that has constipation problem
- Individual that has sleeping problem
- Smokers & Alcoholic
- Individual that easily feel fatigue
- Individual that has oral problem
- Individual that has acne problem

WHAT STEMONY HELPS? Better Taste After Multi Times of Debugging
- Slimming, Detox, Improve Constipation
- Anti-Aging Brightening & Whitening
- Reduce Dark Eye Circle and Acne
- Accelerate Metabolic System Anti-Oxidation
- Prevent Heart Disease & Diabetic
- Liver Detoxification
- Strengthen Immune System Reduce Blood Glucose
- Improve Sleep Quality

- The Many Variety Of Ingredients Will Leave You Wanting More
- Pomegranate : Fine and Smooth Powdery
- White Peach : Nature and Fresh
- Grape Stemcell : Quality Assured Sweet and Sour
- Apple Stemcell : Juicy and Crispy
- Enzyme : Sweetness Guaranteed Even Particles
- Strawberry Stemcell : Contains High Protein Fiber
- Wheat Grass : Full of Nutritions
- Citric Acide : Premium Quality
- Prebiotic

PRODUCT BENEFITS Secret Formula From Korea
- Anti-aging, anti-oxidation, cancer prevention, anti-free radical
- Eliminate toxins and body waste
- Cell restoration, promotes collagen production
- Solces constipation problems
- Increase Nutrient Absorption
- Helps in brightening, prevent melanin formation
- Helps in reducing risk of getting high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetic
- Minimize pores and improve face bumps
- Improves immunity
- Helps in reducing blackhead and break out skin
- Colon cleansing, maintain flawless skin
- Improve sensitive skins
- Eliminates body toxins and edema which helps to reduce
- Promotes metabolism in new town, improve skin rejuvenating cycle
- Maintain body PH level
- Improves memory and alertness




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